World's first collapsible suitcase

Mobile Closet

Your clothes are always properly stowed away.

Quick Access

No more time consuming searches for items.

Systematic Packing

Always keep an organized overview during packing.

Systematic packing

Our bags of all kinds and sizes help you to fulfill your individual, storage-related wishes. From socks to shirts, our packing cubes divide, conquer, and organize everything inside the Pull Up Suitcase.


Your Home At Any Destination

The Mobile Closet

Wherever you may be, your clothes, accessories and toiletries are always stored neatly and in their designated place - just like at home. The compartments, drawers and boxes in which you can store your items allow you to have an organized, closet-like overview of everything. No matter the size of your hotel room.

Structure Can Be So Simple


There are enough things to worry about while traveling. Starting now, your suitcase is no longer one of them. No matter how often you look for and retrieve something from your suitcase or repack it again; the contents remain just as perfectly organized as before. Everything is neatly stored and well organized, just the way it should be.


Always Have Everything At Your Disposal


No matter where you are, you always have an easy access to everything inside your suitcase. Even if you don‘t have much room - just pull up your Pull Up Case and you can use all six storage compartments at once. You can also use the discreet flap opening at the front or the convenient outside pocket.



The lid and the bottom of the case are made of high-quality polypropylene. The case cover and the folding shelf are made of nylon fabric. The single shelves are made of polypropylene honeycomb. Carbon fibre rods are sewn in to reinforce the shelves. All telescopic poles are made of ultralight aluminium.

Case Dimension


76 / 130 cm


57 cm


36 cm


8,6 kg

Available Color Variants


Your travel companion

Everywhere and everytime.


Pull Up Function

Patented and proven.


Setting new standards

Solve your daily travel problems.


Front flap for easy access

For easy access, even when the suitcase is closed.

360° Reflecting Wheels

For more safety in traffic.


Patented Pull Up Function

Your mobile closet in every situation.

TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Rest assured that your luggage is stored securely.

Side Handle

Ideal for convenient loading and unloading.

Telescopic Handle

Extra wide for better handling.

High Quality Polypropylen Shell

The best way to ensure the protection of your luggage.


Mobile Desktop

You can use it as a table whenever you may need one.

Exterior Bag

Provides storage for your notebook (up to 15.4'), documents and business cards.

Top & Bottom Grab Handle

Ideal for convenient loading and unloading.

About Pull Up Case

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We aim to attain an upscale and unique travel experience for a global community by supporting our traveling customers at any time and place. We are fortunate to have resources to a worldwide operating network of specialized professionals who work every day to make our product the best it can be. The main focus of our company is to cater to our customers' needs and wishes in a consequent and reliable manner.

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