Mobile Closet

Your clothes and accessoires are always propely stowed away.

Quick Access

No time-consuming search. Everything is ready to hand immediately.

Systematic Packing

Keep the overview and organisation with different packing cubes.

Your home in the distance

The mobile closet

No matter the storage capabilities of your accommodation or hotel room, your clothes and accessories are always properly stowed away. Transform the Pull Up suitcase in just a few steps to your mobile closet. Your clothes and accessories are immediately ready to hand and neatly sorted, as you would expect from home.

The freedom in the tight


The Pull Up suitcase allows a fast and easy access to the contents of your case in your everyday travellife. No time consuming search for particular items due to six simultaneous accessible storage compartments. Everything is ready to hand, even in the tightest spaces.

Your order in chaos


Frequent travelers always face the problem of increasing disorder while living out of the suitcase. With the Pull Up suitcase your content is kept organized and clean in the storage compartments of the case. Different packing cubes help you during packing, unpacking and repacking.

Patented Pull Up Function

The heart of every Pull Up is the patented Pull Up Function. While standing on its wheels, the shelf-system is collapsible, which makes the suitecase a mobile wardrobe. The entire content of the Pull Up is reachable whithin even the smalles of spaces.

Comfortable Carrying

The suitcase is equipped with three carrying handles. One on top, one on the side and one on the bottom of the suitcase. The carrying handle on the bottom allows you to easily take the suitcase from the car or baggage claim at the airport.

Systematic packing

The inside boxes facilitate the packing of the suitcase. They help to organize the contents of the suitcase. This makes packing a lot easier, easpecially when packing and repacking the suitcase during travel.