The Mobile Closet

Turn the Pull Up Suitcase into your mobile closet in just a few steps. Simply pull up the lid and you immediately have organized access to all your packing cubes and luggage. It doesn't matter where you are or how big or small your accommodation is. The contents of your suitcase are always at hand and ready for use. Searching is a thing of the past.

At the hotel

No matter how big or small your accommodation is - with this wardrobe case you always have space. Because your mobile closet can be pulled out and ready for use in just a few simple steps. Everything stays neat, tidy and in its place - in the Pull Up Suitcase.

On the way to the meeting

You're in a hurry - the cab is already waiting? Your Pull Up Suitcase is ready to go in seconds. And thanks to the maneuverable wheels and the extra-wide handle, it remains stable at your side at any speed, no matter how fast you have to go.

At the train station

You have a short stopover at the station and want to freshen up or get a jacket out of your suitcase? No problem with the Pull Up Suitcase, the pull up organized wardrobe case! You have easy access to all your luggage at all times - without having to rummage around.

It's raining

Our suitcase won't leave you out in the rain. Sudden changes in the weather are no problem in terms of clothing, because your suitcase is open and your umbrella and raincoat are immediately to hand - while others are literally left out in the rain.

At the airport

How nice it is to be greeted by your loved ones at the airport and have the souvenirs you brought with you at your fingertips! It's all possible with our Pull-Up Suitcase. Everything is organized and well sorted thanks to the individual compartments and shelves.

At home

Arriving home with our suitcase - then the family is complete again. Yes, even travel companions like the suitcase become a member of the family and grow close to your heart. Especially when they fit in so perfectly, like the Pull Up Suitcase.