Two travel stories with the Pull Up Suitcase

Two travel stories with the Pull Up Suitcase

For this vacation the whole family had their own suitcase, and the difference in functionality and ease of accessibility of the Pull Up Suitcase was clear not long after landing. While my sons with their regular suitcases were awkwardly fishing out their swim trunks in the parking lot, I simply pulled up my Pull Up Suitcase to take out my swim trunks.

At the hotel I don’t have to unpack, instead the suitcase is my closet. Our little mascot had its own place in the closet as well and was always smiling at us. It didn’t take long until I couldn’t imagine a vacation without this Suitcase that had turned into a valet stand.

Traveling with the Pull Up Suitcase is nothing short of ingenious. Everything about the suitcase is different, yet intuitive. Packing the Cubes was a new experience for me yet fun because everything had its own place.

The best part happened shortly before my departure in the Florida Airport. The lady at the check-in counter asked me about the design of my suitcase, so I told her about my new suitcase and all its advantages. I showed her the Pull Up technique — awesome! — it was like we were in a commercial! She got her coworker right away and presented the suitcase, meanwhile the people in line behind me saw it and promptly wanted to know where they could buy it. I was happy — a great vacation in the USA.

Trip to England

At the ferry terminal, the English weather is already awaiting us — I quickly and simply open my suitcase to take out my rain jacket. It’s amazing to have a Pull Up suitcase! On the ferry I realize that I left my laptop charger in my suitcase — I’m so glad I put it in my Pull Up and not in any other suitcase, since there wouldn’t be enough room to open a conventional suitcase here, in between all the car rides.

At the hotel — while my partner is still unpacking her suitcase in order to get out her evening attire and annoyed with the lack of room between the bed and the wall — I’ve already pulled up my Suitcase and am now relaxed and waiting for her to be done. How have I ever travelled without the Pull Up?!

One big and significant difference is already clear when we start packing: while my partner has to place her suitcase on the bed in order to pack it, because there is not enough room in the bedroom, I conveniently put my suitcase next to the closet and simply repack the shelves. I’m already done when she’s still tediously packing her suitcase.

In the morning, we’re traveling to our second destination, I put my Travel Kit in my suitcase and I’m ready to go in a matter of seconds, while my partner’s suitcase has already been taken over by chaos after the first night. I’m certain that this is going to be a relaxed vacation for me.