Laying your suitcase on the bed? Not the best idea.

Laying your suitcase on the bed? Not the best idea.

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We all agree that traveling is one of the most exciting things in this world and we would like to do it over and over, as much as possible. Visiting new places, making new friends, discovering the world and yourself. However, getting to a new place often includes long hours, numerous flights, long lines and waiting hours. This might be tiring enough so that the first thing you do when you get to your hotel room is to place your suitcase on the bed, take out your pajamas, leave it close to the bed and lay down to rest. Now, you might think that this is a question of hygiene. That the luggage has been all over the place and might stain your sheets or leave germs on them. There is nothing new here. We forget common sense because we are tired.

Well, according to the Federal Environment Agency, the suitcase should always be stored as far away as possible from the bed, but the reason is another one. It does not matter where you choose to spend the night, in a hostel or a luxury room as it does not matter how sparkling clean it is. There are some small insects called bed bugs that find their way to appear everywhere. They can get into your suitcase, your clothes and bags and you will not even notice until you start to feel severe itching.

Every measure taken to protect yourself from these bugs is important. When you get into your room, after every use, make sure you close your suitcase and place it in a hard material, chair or rack, away from the bed. The material of your suitcase is also crucial, the hardest it is, it makes it more difficult for these insects to be stuck in it. Therefore, metal or plastic suitcases might work just fine. If you do not have one, it is time to invest in it. The next step is to pack really well dirty clothes. Always take a sealed bag or box with you to place your dirty laundry until you get back or have a chance to wash them, because the smell of clothes always attracts parasites.

Of course, you cannot be completely sure you will get rid of the bed bugs but it is important that you do your part as much as you can and stay safe. We are lucky because nowadays there are many products that come to our aid, like the Pull Up Suitcase, a luggage made of hard material that you do not need to place on the bed because it works as a portable wardrobe. In addition, it comes with add on bags that you can use as you please, even to put in dirty laundry.

Funny Fact, due to the large amounts of travelers that carry bed bugs in their luggage the whole trips, now there are dogs at Frankfurt Airport that track down those insects.

Take care of yourself and your space and enjoy your travels as much as you can.