Pull Up GmbH is a small, creative team from southern Germany with its innovation center in Baden-Württemberg. We produce and distribute presentation systems and travel cases tailored to your product requirements.

It all began in 2008, when Pull Up Case GmbH developed a samplecase for presenting eyewear collections. The Pull Up Samplecase, with the patented Pull Up technology, was born.

The Pull Up Samplecase was the replacement for cumbersome and laborious presentations of eyewear collections with conventional collection cases.

And now a technology is going on the road

Because why not travel easily and effortlessly?

We also asked ourselves this question and so the Pul -Up Suitcase was born in 2019.

Packing, traveling, hotel stays - no longer a problem. The Pull Up Suitcase revolutionizes travel.

The Pull Up Samplecase is now in its 8th generation. Thanks to the feedback from our customers who work with our products on a daily basis, we have continuously improved the Samplecase. Today we have more than 1,000 satisfied B2B customers in more than 60 countries in the eyewear industry.

"We can proudly say that we have revolutionized the way eyewear collections are presented."

From presentation to travel suitcase

After the success of the Pull Up Samplecase, many of our customers asked us: "Why isn't the case also available as a travel case with pull up technology?" We have also asked ourselves this question several times. As entrepreneurs and frequent travelers, we ourselves are often on the move at airports and hotels. Two things have always bothered us: firstly, we were never able to pack our normal suitcase in a way that we actually considered sensible and comfortable, and secondly, living out of a suitcase always ends up in complete chaos. Which in turn meant a lot of wasted time trying to find the right clothes and then trying to keep them crease-free.

NOW the solution - the Pull Up Suitcase! Packing, traveling, hotel stays - no more problems. The Pull Up Suitcase revolutionizes travel.