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The Technology of Pull Up Suitcase

The heart of our Pull Up Suitcase is the patented pull up technology. This technology makes it possible to access the contents of the suitcase locker anytime and anywhere. Simply pull up the lid and you immediately have access to all your luggage - no matter where you are, how big or small your accommodation is or where you are.

Release the lock

Press the button of the TSA lock up and down to release the zipper ends of the TSA lock.

Open the zipper

Make sure that the rear telescopic handle is fully retracted. Pull the zipper around the entire suitcase.

Keep the buttons on the lid pressed

Press and hold the two buttons on the left and right side of the lid.

Pull up the top part

Hold the two handles on the side of the lid. Pull the upper part upwards on both sides at the same time.

Lock into place

Pull the lid of the Pull-Up Suitcase all the way up until it clicks into place.

Unpack the Pull Up Suitcase

Open the zipper on the front of the Pull-Up Suitcase and all your luggage is immediately at your disposal.

Functional Tutorial: How to open the Pull Up Suitcase

Functional Tutorial: How to close the Pull Up Suitcase