Five days on the way with a pilot | Part II

Five days on the way with a pilot | Part II

In the places we visit we usually do not have much time. Coming from the early shift still most with closing time around 3 pm. But we have to leave early again the next morning. In exceptional cases, we can also have a day off over the change from late shift to early shift, then we like to go sightseeing. In summary, one can say that life is difficult to plan with a lot of absence. In addition, shift work with early, late and night shifts. But that's what we get paid for. I personally like it very much :) The cargo hold is usually not ventilated, so the temperature is around 0-10 degrees, depending on where the luggage is stowed. Cheap luggage can warp with these temperature fluctuations, especially if you travel in hot regions more often. For normal suitcases no matter, but a similar variant of the Pull Up Suitcase of an American manufacturer has packed it only two months before the linkage no longer went, was probably designed more for less traveling... Of course, I also use the suitcase much more. Still crap. #made in Germany is worth it. 55 minutes later we are in Hamburg. From there we fly back to Munich before heading to Stockholm. At 13:30 we are finally picked up by the crew bus in Stockholm.

Fortunately we don't have to make the return flight as well. Arriving at the hotel, the main reason to buy a Pull Up Suitcase reveals itself. Simply no more work. No tiresome unpacking and repacking, no searching, no ironing. I just pull up the suitcase, grab my gym gear and am off to the gym on the roof of the hotel. Nothing has moved from where it was. What probably not even the developers themselves know is another great future of the suitcase. There is always some air left in the top compartment, which means I can put my pilot's cap (or other things) there without it getting squashed when I close it. After the sport and a short break, it's off to dinner together. Now the jacket comes into play... outside it's only 2 degrees.... Brrr. We decide on a Thai buffet... not very typical for the country, but after a while you know the cuisines of most countries and eat whatever you feel like. After dinner it's time for bed again. We are unfortunately in the early shift on the road and have to get up early again ... so until tomorrow sleep well :)

Early the next morning we start again. Except for putting the Badcube away again, I don't have much to do. A blessing at this time of day. We fly again the whole day, but can look forward to an evening in Rome today. 24 degrees and sun are announced. So after we jumped into the pool (guess who was there first^^) we went to eat pizza. I know... I know... Pizza? But Italian pizza, best pizza. At least that's what Guiseppe the pizza maker tells me every time I drop by his place.

That's exactly how it goes on for the next two days. I stay one day in the hotel in Berlin, as expected it pours from buckets and see me the day after still Paris with the crew. Even if I was already almost everywhere one discovers nevertheless always new facets. In addition, we are very rarely with the same people on the road, so we may always make new acquaintances. For my neighbors and girlfriend I buy a few macarons, then it can be better endured when we want to celebrate at home again what. And so the five days are slowly coming to an end. It is 15 o'clock and we are in the final approach to Munich. Even if the days are exhausting, there is nothing better than to have the plane in your hands, to feel the wind and to bring the plane gently back to the ground knowing that the work week is over. It may not always be successful, but otherwise it would be boring.

After the bus has brought us back to the terminal, we say goodbye and can finally go into the "weekend", I have the next three days off. Arrived at home now still another last task comes on me, suit-cases unpack and prepare again. And once again it could hardly be easier. Old clothes bag into the laundry, shelves with filling up what is missing and ready. No folding, no rummaging, everything neatly organized. Many of my colleagues ask me again and again whether the price for this case is worth it. For me, the answer is always an immediate yes, but it's also easy to argue from a logical standpoint. I usually use up one case every 10-12 months. During that time, I will take about 800 flights. Even a businessman should not get more than 100. The only suitcases that have lasted longer are Rimova and this one. And a Rimova is just not much more than an archaic metal box. Stable, but without any use other than what it was built for. Enough talk, time for the weekend. So that was five days with a pilot. I hope you enjoyed them and see you soon in the air!