For what branch we produce collection cases?

We offer our products for various industries. Our main areas are:

  • Optics
  • Jewelry
  • Advertising material (Individual)
  • Shoes


PULL UP CASE is a creative team from the land of innovation "Baden-Württemberg" in Germany.
We produce and distribute presentation case - systems, which are adjusted to your product-related needs.

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What is the PULL UP - Technology?

Behind PULL UP CASE is a new collection case - concept, that is different to the conventional product presentation. The shelf system is pulled up out of the case by hand. This technology allows both a higher capacity and a more comfortable handling during the product presentation.

Annoying opening and closing of trays is the past. You organize a well-timed out and efficient presentation.

How did the idea came up?

As a result of long experience in field work - one question came up very often: "Is there no more efficient collection case - system?"
Many problems like the big number of collection cases, many hours for product presentation and difficult transport were only a few questions which have been discussed. After deep research we couldn't find a suitable system on the market. That's why we decided to develop our own system.
It only took us one year to develop the product and in October 2010 we were able to show it to the public on SILMO 2010 in Paris. We received an extraordinarily well feedback from the trade visitors. To share our ideas with you is what we are looking forward to!

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